This letter came in an Air Mail envelope with and 80 centavo World Olympics Circles designed stamp. Return is from Martin Gambee, Hotel Villa Del Mar, Veracruz, Ver., Mexico and addressed to: Mr. Bill Strain, c/o Boy Scouts of America, P. O. Box 3216, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404. The stamp cancellation is unreadable.

c/o Hotel Villa del Mar

Vera Cruz, Ver., Mexico

Nov. 30, 1968

Dear Bill:

Many thanks for your note. I'm sorry you couldn't make it. I wasn't able to get a crew together at the time, so came down here to wait with Polly.

Now have young Bob Williams lined up, and another man in San Antonio. Plan to sail Dec. 20, weather permitting. Bob is an experienced sailor, as well as having Captain's papers to carry passengers for hire, so we should make out all right.

This is a comfortable place, and the weather has been kind to us. Since we had time to burn we are thinking about a quick trip to Yucatan while in this part of Mexico.

We have been fortunate to meet a young Mexican here who works for the U. S. Information Service. He and his gringa wife sail a Snipe. He has done a lot of investigating for us and will help us with all the red tape when the boat gets here.

Flying down here, I was fortunate to get a good look at the coast from Tampico south. There were about 11 shrimpers anchored in the lee of Lobos Is. and I have been told it is very good anchorage in case of bad weather, or if one wants to rest up.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to put some heavy things in your garage. They aren't so valuable, but just things I don't want to throw away.

Hope Pearl's jaw is improving by this time. That's no way to spend a vacation.

I'm flying up on the 18th for a quick turn-around (I hope). Drop us a line here if you can. We will leave word to keep our mail here as we'll be bringing the trailer back here.

Regards to all,