(This letter was sent from Brownsville to Corpus Christi, Texas. The Brownsville Postmark is dated Nov. 21, 1967)

P.O. Box 2142

Brownsville, Texas 78520

Nov. 21, 1967

Dear Bill:

We got a ride all the way back to Brownsville with a Tom Bryant of Harlingen who insisted that it wasn't out of his way!

I wanted to send one of my folders to the lady who has the gallery and propective classroom, but neglected to get her name and address. If you have a chance to hand her one of the enclosed I'd appreciate it.

The "Mahimahi" was hauled out at Pugh's Yacht Service and they should be getting the hull refinished so she can go back in the water. If you should happen to be down that way we'd appreciate it if you'd look around and let us know if anything has been done. I enclose a postcard. Tell 'em we asked you to.

As soon as the boat is in the water so we can stay aboard, we plan to come up there with a car and look for a studio and living quarters. The art world seems deader than ever here, and Padre Island South is a miserable place to keep a boat because of the blowing sand the shallow channel, so we'd like to change our headquarters to Corpus if possible.

Hope you get your share of the turkey.


Martin Gambee