P. O. Box 2142

Brownsville, Tx. 78520

December 10, 1967

Dear Bill:

Sorry we didn't get to see you on our recent trip to C. C. Bernie said you and he toured the town and didn't know where to find us. We stopped at your office one day and one of your compadres said that you were having some surgery on your jaw and probably wouldn't be in for the week. Tried to call your house one morning but got no answer. Anyway we figured you woulnd't be feeling much like conversation, and we were terribly busy house hunting.

We could find NOTHING to rent, so we bought a house. At least we have applied for an FHA loan on it which should go thru.

It's at 1229 YORK AVE., not far from Del Mar College between Shely and Blevins. We think it's great, because the property runs through to Naples St. and there is a nice furnished apartment included which may be entered from the other street. It will help out on the payments! The present tenant is a student who will be leaving about Jan. 10th to go to college in Ohio, so if you happen to think of anyone who might be interested in it we'll be looking for a tenant, preferably for the long term. It rents for about $65.

There is a double garage which I may convert to a studio, or there is room to add a studio. We are very pleased with the convenient location. The house is old and therefore well built. Of course we'll find something to remodel! There is a beautiful mesquite tree in the front yard. The house was owned and lived in by a little old lady who only drove it to and from work.....I guess i'm confused.

I've spoiled about six attempts at water colors lately. My mind is so clobbered up with a number of things I can't seem to get on the ball, but have enough for a show anyway.

Probably we'll have to come up about the boat in the meantime. Don't expect anything from FHA for three weeks at least. We went down every day to browbeat Pugh to work on the boat. He can't launch her again until he gets the speedometer back from the factory, and a new propellor.

We'll keep you informed about our course and speed.

Best regards from us both.