P. O. Box 2142

Brownsville, Tex. 78520

December 25, 1967

Dear Bill,

Your letter came yesterday. Many many thanks for all your missionary work up there on my behalf. I am going to get in touch with you about when to hang the show. Now we plan to come up on Friday, the 29th, and will be ready to put things up on Sat. A. M. I am getting some frames in Matamoros and will have enough to make a good show.

We are afwfully sorry about your dental troubles and hope this round won't be as bad as the last one. Please don't worry about hanging the exhibit. I'm sure I can manage it. I didn't find out what is needed (don't remember whether there is a picture molding or if you put things in the wall) but can look after than when I get there. I'm assuming there is no formal Opening.

A reception at the Market Place for Artists sounds great, As we hope to have the house by then. I will drop Mrs. Garrison a line.

Also, we would enjoy going to the meeting in Kingsville with you. Jan. 21st.

Hope the "Dry Man" has a good run. Should be good advertising.

Congratulations on your sales record. That should keep the Strains in coffee.

I got word from San Miguel that the idiots are showing my work there this month, and they didn't let me know. I don't anticipate any sales. Anyway, I will have those water colors back for a future showing in C. C.

Saw the announcement in Joe Cain's column. Very good.

We are still waiting for word on the loan. The first thing that happened is that the First Nat. Bank here made two mistakes in the info they sent up to Swantner. So we went over there and they did it right the 2nd time. Then, on Swantner's suggestion, I went to the Credit Bureau here and asked them to please rush a report to Corpus. They charged me $5.50, and a week later the report hadn't yet been received up there, so I had to go over and blow them up. Now I think everything is in and we ought to hear soon. If the deal falls thru we'll make some other arrangements. In the meantime Polly wonders if you know of an empty garage or other space where we could leave some big boxes. We hate to waste these trips up there when we could be hauling some stuff in my wagon, but we've no place to put it.

We also hope that Pugh is going to get the boat back in the water so we can sleep on board. May call him tomorrow. If the boat isn't ready we'll stay at LYNN MOTOR INN over at North Beach (2801 N. Shoreline) TU-4-5252. We stayed there last time. Mrs. Phillip Benson, wife of the owner, is a pretty fair painter, and wants to get in my class (what class?).

The Brownsville Art League bought my "Bridge" (the one on the folder) for their collection! Blow me down! Will call you when we get up there. Best Regards.