Computer Generated Art by Bill Strain

Falling In Love All Over Again OR How I Burned My Brushes and Surfed My Way Into Cyber-Future-Space

In Search of the Holy Grail

                                      About Telling a Religious Story

A Strategic Flyover


The View From the Coffee Pot

                      Just An Average Day in the Bermuda Triangle

Mona Lisa, The Interior Decorator

                       A View of St. Paul's United Methodist Church

A Lot on Your Mind         Bean and Baby         

Portrait of a Choral Society


Self Portrait

Coastal Flyover

Signs of the Times

Blessings for our Texas Hill Country

 Night Creek

 Among the Garbage and the Flowers


Beauty Is In The Eye Of .....

End of the Trail


Best Decorated Little Whorehouse In Mexico

Les Deaux Maries

Frozen Creek

Empty Tomb


Arctic Storm

Dry Tortugas Off the Starboard Beam


The Wizard of Zooz

Motion X 2


Creek With a Day Moon


Lookout Post Number 4

Catch of the Day

A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody

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