Where Dorothy Died

From British author, Ruth Hamilton:
If we don't find out who killed Dorothy, that will not be Bill Strain's fault. With the artists's eye for detail, the forensic scientist's microscope and the writer's eternal search for truth, Bill Strain attacks the evidence, shakes it, wills the truth to fall out. There is also humanity here - the author admits his affection for the dead girl, his absolute need to know. He has dragged me into this "obsession" and I worry about the murdered girl, am concerned because her killer, probably long dead, may never be identified. One of many such unsolved cases, the Dorothy murder represents for me man's carelessness with his own kind. Very well attacked by Mr Strain.

Thanks, Bill. I hope you find the truth.

Ruth Hamilton, England, 2001.

The Murder

The First Trial

The Second Trial


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