P. O. Box 2142

Brownsville, Tex. 78520

Feb. 2, 1967

Dear Frank and Lorraine:

I guess you will think I'm pretty slow about thanking you for the elegantly generous Christmas present, but I didn't get it until January 31st. It will be a big help to my plans for more exhibiting. Frames and such are very expensive now, and I am thinking about getting enough equipment to make my own, as that is the kind of work I can do without any undue strain. On top of everything the Express Co. now refuses to ship paintings with glass, so I have to use Plexiglas to send some to Philadelphia, and it is very expensive (about $6 for a 20" x 28").

Many many thanks for the check. I have been using the envelope to try my felt-point pen, but you can see that the card was postmarked Jan. 24th in Westfield.

I didn't send any cards for Christmas as I was so involved in other things.

Would have written this sooner, but suddenly had a request to hang my water colors at the Nat'l Bank of Commerce here (probably for the free entertainment of the public). It is a nice new bank and they have a good corner for exhibits. (Penciled in the margin Hud wrote: "The President carried the stepladder for me! At last I've found a use for bankers") Don't think I sent you one of the announcements of my show in McAllen. Didn't sell anything there. I am trying to get reinstated in the American Watercolor Society which I left because I couldn't keep up the dues. MY next move is to take some things to Austin where I have already been invited to leave some water colors in the Museum's sales and rental dept. Then hope to get a dealer in Houston. My plans there were delayed because the people in McAllen suddenly advanced the date of my show there without consulting me and that tied my work up at the time I had planned to take it to Houston.

It was nice to get a picture of the kids, and hard to believe that they are so big. Time marches on. Hope you had a nice Christmas and Frank had a nice birthday.

I was able to get a used gas heater for my studio just about Christmas time in time for a cold wave. The next thing I know it will be too hot and I'll be looking for another air conditioner.

Hope the new job is working out well.

Will probably start a new class in McAllen in a week or so, and still hve my two small classes here at the Art League. If I could sell a painting now and then everything would look rosy. I did sell about a dozen small water colors here in Brownsville, some of which were taken in trade for various objects like my record player. I wish I could find a doctor who is interested in water colors.

The weather is very mild now, in the low 70s. Cold air is bad on my angina, and I hope not to have to spend another winter where it's chilly. Would like to organize a class for next winter at some seaside spot on the West Coast of Mexico.

Hope you are all in good health and enjoying your real winter.

Will write more when I'm not in such a rush.

Love to all,


(this is a two page typed letter with a hand written margin notation and "Hud" signed)