1229 York

Corpus Christi, Texas


Feb. 27 (the year 1967 was omitted)

Dear Frank:

Just sent in a water color called "Sundown" to the Salmagundi Auction. I think the paintings are on view March 9th.

The auction nights are the 15th, 22nd, 29th,/ 8:30 P.M. but I won't know which night mine will be auctioned until the catalog comes out.

Maybe you know somebody, ("like Freddie Woolworth" penciled in) who would like to put in a bid. It's always a good place to pick up bargains in the way of paintings.

Last Sunday my painting "Prospector's Shack" was awarded "Best in Show" ribbon and $100 here in the Coliseum at the Corpus Christi Art Foundation's Annual Exhibition. (penciled in "I was on TV that night.)

We had terrible weather all winter, but I guess you folks would consider it mild. It's nice now.

Congratulations on your raise! They ought to recognize your ability about twice a year.

Best regards to Lorraine.


Had a letter from LT yesterday in response to some stuff I sent him. He just got back from the winter Olympics.

(penciled in "In my short acquaintace with Corpus Christi I've been on TV three times! Now teaching two classes in Basic Design-" there follow about 5 words I cannot read and then "...show, but they have to pass the jury.")