(This is a letter received by Martin Gambee. The back is covered with notes on art theory and thumbnail sketches. The letter was found in the folder on Teaching Design. This folder was in the box.)


Fort Benton, Montana

P.S. Did Lewis rent our apt:?

April 2, 1957

Dear Martin and Mary,

Your letter of March 26 arrived today and was glad to hear from you. We had a nice trip home from San Antonio by bus. Texas looked very dry, and we ran into a real dust storm at Amarillo. First Snow at Denver. Found everything in good order at home. We feel very lucky as several homes that were left during the winter were raided of all the furniture, stoves, and deep freezes. Several big snow banks around the house. Revervoirs full of water, for which, we are thankful. We missed one of the worst winters we have had here for a long time. We had a real blizzard yesterday, and it was cold this morning. Rosemary wrote that she did not feel the quake very much on the 6th floor where her lab is located, but on the 13th floor they got a good shaking up. Stated that quake was not as bad as paper described. Have been hauling wht and barley to elevator. Very busy getting odd jobs done before field work starts. Got a letter from Manchaca stating that he had received the custom declaration that I had mailed him, also to give him name of shipper. Poor Joe, do hope everything works out for them. Glad to hear about the new classrooms going up. They sure need lots more room. Will write you as soon as picture arrives and let you know shipping charges. Don't forget to write with plenty of news of the S.M.A.

With best wishes and love to both of you,

Bob & Margaret