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The Old Windmill Fifty Years Later

In 1956 when I drew Windmill I was working at my table (the art teacher had a table not a desk) and a little boy jerking around with one of my pens put an ink drop in the sky right behind the first building, hence the second building.  Then the last day I worked on it I got the little darlings busy and started finishing the right lower part of the sky and horror of horrors my mind just didn't kick in and when I finished the lines looked like "ink lines put into a drawing" and not like a sky; we're talking crow quill pen, India ink and charcoal paper corrections of course were unheard of and now through the miracle of cyber art programs I can show you The Old Windmill just like I had planned for it to look.  I corrected the sky, the snake and one tall blade of Johnson Grass or whatever in front.  Please replace this in the gallery ... no hurry I mean, shit, it's been fifty years coming

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